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We are agents of change which help businesses create the future. The innovative and multi-dimensional approach we pursue in each engagement helps organization track improvements in business efficiency.

We offer both advisory as well as full engagement type of services depending on the client requirement.

The services are spread across all and individual business functions such as:

Professional Services
Customer Support
Solution Delivery
Implementation and Solution rollout cycles

We track the changes made and exit out of any engagement only when we see the change.

 ERP Services - Tally.ERP 9

We at Silicon have seen when it comes to any E.R.P. discussions, people starts thinking from inside "not again" and try to change the discussion to a newer topic. But really it is not that bad they way we think it is. We would try to share few insights on E.R.P. and put across few "food for thought" for you to sleep over.

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 BI - Ideal Analytics

Business Intelligence is in the core of Knowledge industry needed in any enterprise – manufacturing, trade and services.A world that can provide the best services to the benefit of the customer in the shortest possible time, effort, hassles with a flawless accuracy. We at Silicon Systems providing Multilevel Business solutions with the help of this Ideal Analytic BI Tool

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 Website - Sales Focused Website

We at Silicon primarily focus on building 'Sales Focused Website'. what it means that each and every website of ours which we develop always focuses on the sales element of the organization that is rightly promoted at the right places and with the right style. We are true believer of technology and understand Internet is the future.

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