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About Us

Our Business

We are pure play into business consulting. As a part of our consulting services we have chosen few product and services categories which will compliment our commitment to the market.


Our approach is to understand the current challenges of our customer, what he currently have       as a plan to address or resolve those challenges,
We interact and try identify whether the requirement or proposed engagement falls into our       foray of focus deliverable.
Basis the engagement pattern we provide solutions which is affordable, faster roll-out, will have       a immediate kick-start for results which our customer will enjoy.
Our consulting fees revolves around the type of engagement we wign with our customers, this is       to ensure our customer sees value in the engagment.

Our Key Services

Currently, our key business areas are:-

Tally.ERP 9 (License re-selling, Corporate Training, Consulting & Implementation)

Openbravo (Power your ideas) - The preferred Commerce and ERP Platform. A horizontal       ERP solution for any industry, can built on top of an easily extendible web, mobile and
   cloud-ready development platform, ready to power companies' ideas for building smart       enterprise solutions.

Website Development (Sales Focused Website) - help to build website with content and       representation of market data, that brings in informed audience to the site.

 Ideal Analytics - facilitate analysis of data from different types of data sources like flat file       system (.xls, .xlsx, .csv), databases, web services etc.

 MyOperator (Hassle-free cloud Telephony) - Engage your customers with prompt response,       voice mails and sticky agents. No IVR setup or FAX machine troubles. Send FAX online from       the IVR number.

 Report-Excel - ReportExcel is a cloud SaaS that enables tracking of reporting responsibility       delegated to employees very easy.

The details of the services and our engagement models, we will like you to click on the link which interests you on Tally.ERP 9, Sales Focused Websites, Business Intelligence


Why Choose Us?


We love this business

This business has evolved out of the passion to do something on consulting. We have a passionate team to deliver and we do have passionate customers who wants to travel with us unconditionally.


We are committed

We always evaluate an engagement time and again before finally signing the partnering engagement with our customers or strategic partnerships. This is just to ensure that once we have committed for an engagement we should always stick to it and serve it well. We are always structured in our communication whether internal or external. This helps us to drive stringent discipline within our team, with our customers and partners.


We are transparent

We do not feel afraid to say 'NO' to things, if we understand it is not doable. Though at times our customers do feel bad and disheartened, but at the end of the day none of us, whether it is our customers or we a s a team will not live in a false world and expectation. We are always proactive in sharing alternatives to the diagnosed challenges, which helps our customers to drive correct expectations from the solutions.