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We have got the "star of the star award" from Dynavision technologies pvt ltd on 15th January, 2016

We have achieved "Champion of Tally Champion League" Award for December 2015 from Tally

What We serve...

ERP Services - Tally.ERP 9

Business Solutions In Various Verticals

We at Silicon have seen when it comes to any E.R.P. discussions, people starts thinking from inside “not again” and try to change the discussion to a newer topic. But really it is not that bad they way we think it is. We would try to share few insights on E.R.P. and put across few “food for thought” for you to sleep over.

Website - Sales Focused Website

Our Innovations

We at Silicon primarily focus on building ‘Sales Focused Website’. what it means that each and every website of ours which we develop always focuses on the sales element of the organization that is rightly promoted at the right places and with the right style. We are true believer of technology and understand Internet is the future.

Business Intelligence - Ideal Analytics


Business Intelligence is in the core of Knowledge industry needed in any enterprise – manufacturing, trade and services.A world that can provide the best services to the benefit of the customer in the shortest possible time, effort, hassles with a flawless accuracy.

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  • Management

    We all understand every bit of achievement is hard-earned, we all need to plan, execute and make it a successful. It is all about the team effort. we are today proud to share that we have got best team in...

  • Testimonials

    This has been one of our most interesting page where we will be constantly updating our Customer testimonials. This page actually boosts entire team us to do more and more for them. We wish to update new names every day,...

  • Milestones

    Silicon Systems Journey "Down the Memory Lane" - few landmark achievements and activities ! 2010-2011 Founded in 2010. Launched Silicon Systems website on 1st November, 2010. Signed up with Tally Solutions (P) Limited as a TP on March, 2011. 2011-2012...

  • Gallery

    The gallery will cover interesting pictures of birthdays, anniversaries, various organizational events and participation in workshops & seminars. See Photo Event Wise... Select Your ChoiceCorporate ImagesFounders day photos 2013TiE Membership PhotosIdeal Analytics PhotosCompassBirthdaysFounders day photos 2015Achievements...


 Vision & Mission

Vision Statement:

Silicon Systems focuses as an ace Global Consulting house for its customers who strive to grow horizontally and vertically and become market leaders.

Mission Statement:

Silicon Systems drives a simple theory by which it serves people and leverages their organizational capability to :-

Be a Leader.
Excel growth.
Unlock potential.
Utilize inherent competencies.
Stay competitive in the market.

 News & Events

  • Foundation day celebration 2015
    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” In a same manner Silicon Systems put on its first little step on this giant market on 9th September 10,...
  • Silicon Systems enrolls for BNI® membership
    Silicon Systems enrolls for the world's largest business networking - BNI® (Business Network International) in the month of July. BNI® is the world's largest business networking, referrals and word of...
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